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2014 U.S. Military Retired Handbook

This unique handbook will guide you step by step through the entire process. You'll gain a clear understanding of all your rights and privileges, so that you may take full advantage of all the benefits. After all, you’ve earned them, and a grateful nation wants you to experience and enjoy them.
We hope that you find this 2014 U.S. Military Retired Handbook helpful, and – along with an entire grateful nation -- we want to thank you for your service and wish you the very best in a long and happy retirement.
– The Military Handbooks Staff


The Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) at UTC

offers cutting edge, experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management to our nations veterans. Like a military boot camp, this program is intense, rigorous, and challenging. The VEP consists of a series of training modules designed by UTC and successful entrepreneurs who will work with participating veterans to provide an interactive and informative experience.

The VEP program is offered entirely free to qualified veterans accepted into the program.

Veterans Fast Launch Program
The SCORE Foundation, in partnership with major corporations, is pleased to offer the "Veteran Fast Launch" initiative. This program is a combined package of free software and services combined with SCORE's mentoring program in order to help accelerate the ability of veterans and their families to start and succeed as small business owners.

The Veteran Jobs and
 Small Business Start up Information pages


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3rd. Edition Veterans Resources

Created by Talia Wesley for
Operation Makeover Events ( &
Family Readiness - March ARB January 2013
Updating INFO every 6 months!

1- Benefits & Benefits Assistance
2- More: Benefits & Benefits Assistance
3 - Counseling
4 - Resources for Female Veterans
5 - Credit for Military Training
6 – More: Credit for Military Training
7 - Employment
8 – More: Employment
9 - Job Search Tool Kit
10-More – Job Search Tool Kit
11- More – Job Search Tool Kit
12-New Employment Initiatives for Vets
13-More: New Employment Initiatives for Vets
14-Reserves Employment Resources
15-Active Duty Employment Resources

16-Employment Related: My Next Move – For Vets
17-Get Job Skills: Elevate Veterans
18-Toolkit for EMPLOYERS!
19-Financial Aid for Military
20-More: Financial Aid for Military
21-More: Financial Aid for Military
22-Financial Aid for Military & Families
23-Homeless Veterans
24-More: Homeless Veterans
24-Legal Assistance
25-Mental Health Resources
26-More: Mental Health Resources
27-More: Mental Health APPS
28-TBI Resources and Benefits
29-National Center for PTSD

30-War Related Clinician / Community Resources
31-Education Benefits
32-More: Education Benefits
33-VA Education Benefits
34-Transportation Resources
35-Resources Children & Youth
36-More: Resources Children & Youth
37-More: Resources Children & Youth
38-Support for Family
39-More: Support for Family
40-Aid for Vets, Military & Family
41-Military Spouse Career Advancement Initiative
42-Military Spouse Career Advancement
43-Military Spouse Resources
44-Partners, Parents & Significant Others
45-Pet’s & Vets





































S t a t e side Legal
Legal help for military members, veterans and their families-
PLUS lots of helpful articles forms.

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Support for our Heroes
Joining Forces is dedicated to connecting our servicemen and women, veterans and military spouses with the resources they need to find jobs at home.

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The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the nation's deep gratitude to those who, in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended our country. This ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration a grateful nation can provide to the veteran's family. This website will provide information on Military Funeral Honors along with helpful links to websites related to other military and veterans' issues. The website will also serve as a resource tool for our nation's funeral directors as they assist veterans' families by arranging Military Funeral Honors.

Military Service Coordinators

Army:Ms. Louise B. Hill
Commander, HRC
1600 Spearhead Division Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5405

Marine Corps: Military Funeral Honors Coordinator
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Attn: MFPC (Funeral Honors)
3280 Russell Road
Quantico, VA 22134

Navy:Mr. Gerald Konkol
Commander Navy Installations Command
Casualty and Funeral Honors (N00K)
716 Sicard Street, SE, Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20374-5140

Air Force: Military Funeral Honors Coordinator
Air Force Military Funeral Honors
116 Purple Heart Drive
Dover AFB, DE 19902

Coast Guard: Lt Terry Walsh
Commander (PSD FS Casualty Matters)
USCG Personnel Service Center
4200 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1100
STOP 7200
Arlington VA 20598-7200


From Combat to Career 51YB79P36FL__SL500_AA300_


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Veteran Fast Launch

Every year, over 180,000 dedicated men and women exit our nation's armed services after their loyal service to our nation. For over 45 years, SCORE has been a leader in providing mentoring and training to entrepreneurs through its network of 13,000 volunteer mentors and trainers. SCORE stands ready to answer the call of helping our veterans to transition into life as entrepreneurs.

The SCORE Foundation, in partnership with major corporations, is pleased to offer the new "Veteran Fast Launch" initiative. The new program will be a combined package of training scholarships, free software and services combined with SCORE's mentoring program in order to help accelerate the ability of veterans and their families to start and succeed as small business owners.

AICPA is connecting veterans with CPAs across the country to provide up to FIVE hours of FREE financial advice to veterans on starting or growing their business. Review the AICPA’s CPA Volunteer Directory to find a CPA who best meets your needs.

Click on the SPECIAL OFFERS button for additional help


National Guard Financial Management Awareness Program

Managing money can be demanding, especially for National Guard members and Families coping with the challenges of military service and deployment. Fortunately, practical support, tools and resources are available to help you secure your future, achieve your financial goals and improve your quality of life. The Financial Management Awareness Program is the newest addition to the support programs of the National Guard Bureau, connecting you to valuable financial information, services, and support. Here you’ll find information to help you through every phase of your financial lifecycle, free financial services provided by the Department of Defense, information about your available financial experts, videos and links with tips to manage your money, and more.

The for U.S. Military Families program gives eligible military families access to free online tutoring and free homework help from live, professional tutors in more than 16 subjects.

Military families who are moving frequently or dealing with a deployed parent can rely on our tutors for expert help staying on top of tonight’s homework or catching up on missed concepts and lessons—at no cost.


America's Veteran - Valued, Experienced, Trained. - visit  


Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors

 Explains disability, pension, health care, education and housing loans, and other benefit programs for veterans and their families. Now includes information on survivors benefits.

Know Your Rights as a Returning Service Member with a Disability

- The Americans with Disabilities Act uses standards different from the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs to determine disability status. Learn about your rights regarding employment, purchasing goods and services.

Guide to Burial at Arlington National Cemetery

Explains eligibility requirements and services offered for military funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.

Money & Mobility: For Military Personnel and Families

This publication helps military families financially prepare for moves or deployments.

Housing and Mortgages Guide for Veterans
This guide will help veterans and active military to understand the benefits of, types of, and eligibility requirements for VA Loans.


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American Red Cross
Resource Guide for Service Members
Veterans, and their Families
Many links to Valuable Information


Service & Sacrifice - With John Becker

Information for Veterans about Health Care Reform
VA Health Care flyer April 2010

10 October 2010



Horses for Heroes, is a therapeutic riding program for Wounded Warriors who can be helped by this unique activity. It is a joint venture between The Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy Of Riding (STAR) in Lenoir City, TN and American Legion Post 256, in Tellico Lake, TN.

The sessions for a wounded warrior are approximately one hour in length once a week for either 8 or ten weeks depending on the season of the year.

In order to conduct these type programs, the riding stable must be certified by the National Association of Handicapped Riding Academies (NAHRA).  STAR has the accreditation since it has been conducting handicapped riding programs for about 20 years.  More information about NAHRA and the Horses for Heroes program can be found at the NAHRA web site at For Heroes/.

A key to the success of the program is active participation by rehabilitation and outreach counselors in the VA. Each regional office has an OIF/OEF outreach coordinator as well as a rehabilitation specialist. They work with the wounded warriors in their region of responsibility to rehabilitate them using appropriate modes of therapy. Riding has proven to be one of them and is currently being used in some 42 NAHRA certified riding academies around the country. Each program works with a VA Clinic or hospital in its immediate area.

A recent study conducted by the Baylor University Medical School of a program in Georgetown, TX, showed unequivocally, that participation in a therapeutic program of this type provides discernable physic, physical as well as psychological benefits to the participating warriors.

Because of HIPPA rules the VA must identify the warriors and refer them to the program. They cannot simply provide the names; they and the warrior must contact either STAR or American Legion Post 256. Once the contact is made a physician must certify that the wounded warrior can, in fact,  be helped by the program.

The second key to the program is the participation of volunteers who perform one of four distinct functions. The first are “horse walkers” who lead the horses during the ride and basically control the horse to the degree the rider cannot. They must be “horse people” who have been around horses and know quite a bit about riding. The second group is “side walkers”. They help the warrior prepare the horse for the riding session by grooming it and preparing the horse to be ridden. They then walk alongside the horse and rider for the 30-minute riding period. They primarily insure that the riders are properly functioning on the horse. They therefore must be fit enough to walk for thirty minutes, sometimes at a slow jogging pace, often with their arm raised.  The third function is “stable hands”. They assist in preparing the horses for riding by getting equipment from storage and assisting the other volunteers and the riders in preparing the horses. Neither the side walkers nor the stable hands need be horse people they do however, need to have a degree of familiarity with the military either as retirees or former service embers.   The last category of volunteers are those who will help manage the social period we will have before and after each class. We want to provide an opportunity for the WW’s and their families to bond so this category of volunteer would interact with these participants and facilitate their getting to know each other. A four-hour training program is given to the walkers before they start to work with a warrior. 

STAR and AL Post 256 are in the process of organizing a pilot project for eight Wounded Warriors.  Its duration will be either eight or ten weeks, depending on when it starts. The full cost for one participant for a ten-week session (one class per week for ten weeks) is $1,000. Fund raising efforts have just  begun so any and all donations will be gratefully accepted.  If interested in providing financial support please mail a check, in any amount, payable to American Legion Post 256. It should be mailed to:

American Legion Post 256
Post Office Box  233
Vonore, TN 37885

More information about STAR can be found on their web site at:

If interested in participating in this program either contact STAR at 865-988-4711 or the AL Post 256 Service Officer, Dick Kolasheski at 865-458-3482 or via e-mail at


Logo VUB_UTK_Logo1The Veterans’ Pre-College Program strives to support our Veterans as they pursue their educational, career, and personal/social goals by developing solid learning skills needed to start and complete their postsecondary education.To accomplish this mission, we, the Veterans’ Pre-College Program staff commit to supporting the goals of The University of Tennessee Veterans’ Pre-College Program; to uphold the policies of The University of Tennessee; to advocate on behalf of the Veterans; and to provide a support network to each Veteran as they prepare to enroll in a postsecondary institution.The decision you make to participate means that you are determined to grow academically. This is a worthy ambition and we stand ready to assist any qualified Veteran who decides to enter the Veterans’ Pre-College Program.


MOS-Logo1108“Military OneSource is provided by the Department of Defense at no cost to active duty, Guard and Reserve (regardless of activation status) and their families. It is a virtual extension of installation services. Visit Military OneSource today at or call 1-800-342-9647."



What’s going on in the general assembly in Nashville that effects Veterans.
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Our strengh and competitive advantage comes from our workforce

Become familiar with Agent Orange and the Health of Our Vietnam Veterans

Agent Orange Overview.   Approximately 20 million gallons of herbicides were used in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971 to remove unwanted plant life and leaves which otherwise provided cover for enemy forces during the Vietnam Conflict.  Shortly following their military service in Vietnam, some veterans reported a variety of health problems and concerns which some of them attributed to exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has developed a comprehensive program to respond to these medical problems and concerns.  The principal elements of this program include quality healthcare services, disability compensation for veterans with service-connected illnesses, scientific research and outreach and education.


A Power Point  cursory look at some of the tools available to our young Marines, soldiers, airmen and sailors as they prepare to go overseas.
By Wm. Timothy Eichhorn

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logo_key_career_milThe Key to Career Success campaign connects veterans and service members with high quality career planning, training, and job search resources available at local One-Stop Career Centers.  Read more about the Key to Career Success.


How Veterans do Business with B&W  Y-12
Veterans Conference 2008

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ET Veterans Home

Ben Atchley State Veterans Home Dedicated 24 October 2006

Click here for a map to the Home

Edward R. Harries
Ben Atchley State Veterans’ Home
One Veterans Way, Knoxville, TN 37931
Main Phone: 865-862-8100 (Ext. 3015)
Fax: 865-690-5981 Email:

FREE VET VAN to Veterans Hospital in Johnson City

We started our Vet Van to the Mtn Home Vet Hospital in early June 2005.  We are able to carry up to 14 riders.  The new Vet Van was donated to the Johnson City Hospital to bring Disabled Vets from Blount County and Knoxville two days a week to the Veterans Hospital in Johnson City.  The Van will leave Tennessee Drug & Alcohol at 207 Gill Street Alcoa TN on Wed and Thurs at 0500.  It will then travel to the VET Center on Magnolia and leave there at 0530.  There is no cost to those patients going to the Mtn Home Veterans Hospital for medical treatment.  The Van arrives back at the VET Center around 1415 and in Blount County around 1500.  We are also looking for Volunteer Drivers for the VA Van.  Please be considerate of our Veterans.  They were there for you at your time of need.  We have hundreds returning now that will need medical treatment.  Please support them.  This program is completely managed by volunteers and paid for by the Volunteer Services at Mtn Home.

If you would like a ride to Mtn Home or would like to volunteer to drive the Va Van, please call the following numbers at least two days before to schedule your ride.

Contact:            Cleve P. Miller
Office:               865-980-0600 or 983-8378

Eligibility Requirements for Admission to Tennessee State Veterans' Homes

Marine for Life Program

Click Here for Mil Rpt is growing faster than ever. Every week, more and more civilians and members of the military community join our ranks. Whether Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard; active duty, reserves or National Guard; civilian or military - is a must-read every week.

Start your own subscription to today at Do your fellow service members and civilian colleagues a favor by passing along, faxing or emailing a copy of to them so they can start their own subscription. 

CLick Here for DFAS

Click Here for My Pay

myPay: The key to controlling your pay

myPay puts you in control of your pay anytime, anywhere. With secure, convenient access myPay offers confidence of personally managing your pay with no middleman and no waiting in lines.

Help your people take control of their pay, improve their confidence and satisfaction, and eliminate errors and long waits.  In addition to better serving the men and women who defend America, using myPay saves money by reducing the cost associated with offline support and eliminating the costs associated with unnecessary printing and mailing of paperwork and pay statements.

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New Temporary Health Benefits for Reserve Component (RC)

Congress has authorized some new temporary health benefits for Reservists and National Guardsmen:
Last year, the President signed legislation for Fiscal Year 2004, which authorized three new temporary provisions to expand TRICARE health and dental coverage for RC members and families. The new provisions will enhance access to care for RC members (and families), and, ultimately, they will improve the readiness of our fighting forces.
As of October 1, it is now possible for South region retirees who are Prime enrollees to pay enrollment fees by monthly allotment, with payment drawn from one of three pay agencies, only: DFAS, Coast Guard, or Public Health Service.

Click Here for TriCare

TRICARE currently offers two dental programs to meet the needs of its beneficiary population:

TRICARE Dental Program. The TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) is offered by the Department of Defense (DoD) through the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA). United Concordia Companies, Inc., administers and underwrites the TDP for the TMA. The TDP is a high-quality, cost-effective dental care benefit for eligible family members of all active duty uniformed services personnel; as well members of the Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and their eligible family members.

TRICARE Retiree Dental Program. The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program (TRDP) is offered by the Department of Defense (DoD) through the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA). The Federal Services division of Delta Dental Plan of California, located in Sacramento, California, administers and underwrites the TRDP for the TMA. The TRDP offers comprehensive, cost-effective dental coverage for uniformed services retirees and their eligible family members.

The Department of Defense Awards New TRICARE Dental
Program Contract to United Concordia Companies, Inc. 
April 6, 2005

On April 6, 2005, the Department of Defense awarded the new TRICARE Dental Program (TDP) contract to United Concordia Companies Inc. (UCCI) of Harrisburg, PA. The total value of the contract is estimated at $1,422,940,516 for the period of performance, including an approximate 10-month base period for transition and 5, one-year option periods for dental services. The base period is from April 6, 2005, through January 31, 2006. Dental services will begin February 1, 2006, and will end January 31, 2011, if all options are exercised. UCCI will furnish worldwide, comprehensive dental coverage to include preventive, diagnostic, restorative and maintenance services to all eligible Uniformed Services active duty (AD) family members, members of the Selected Reserve and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and their eligible family members. The contract is a fixed-price premium-based contract.

"We will work closely with UCCI to maintain beneficiary and provider satisfaction while ensuring that quality and access standards continue to be met," said Dr. William Winkenwerder, Jr., Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.

The TDP is an affordable and portable program that makes it easy to maintain good dental health. It is a cost-effective benefit that eligible beneficiaries cannot afford to do without. Eligible beneficiaries may elect to enroll as a single member or as a family. For those who are not currently enrolled, UCCI will continue to enroll new members. Beneficiaries who enroll in the TDP will receive a new TDP card and benefit handbook prior to the new contract taking effect. TDP beneficiaries and providers will be sent regular updates on benefits and coverage.

For more information about the TDP, beneficiaries may access the benefit handbook online at or by calling toll-free 1-800-866-8499, 24 hours a day. Members residing outside the continental U.S. should call 1-888-418-0466 (toll-free). This number is available in the following countries: Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bolivia, Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. At all other locations, members should call 1-717-975-5017. Representatives are available to assist members in English, German and Italian 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.


TRICARE Senior Pharmacy Benefit Details Announced

WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- The Department of Defense announced Dec. 8 that on
April 1 uniformed services beneficiaries 65 years of age and older will begin receiving pharmacy benefits provided by the 2001 National Defense Authorization Act. An estimated 1.4 million beneficiaries are eligible for the benefit. 
The new program will limit their out-of-pocket costs and increase their access to the National Mail Order Program, and retail pharmacies that are part of the DOD network, which include many major chain drug stores. In addition, they may use non-network retail pharmacies.

"Drug therapy, for many of our older retired service members, is one of their greatest and most costly medical needs," said J. Jarrett Clinton, M.D., acting assistant secretary of Defense for Health Affairs. "This is a comprehensive drug benefit that makes pharmacy care accessible and affordable. This expanded benefit should contribute significantly to their quality of life."

Beneficiaries who are 65 years of age and older will not pay enrollment fees or annual premiums for their TRICARE pharmacy benefits, but they will pay modest co-pays when they use NMOP and retail network pharmacies.

In addition, beneficiaries will also be able to use non-network pharmacies, but this option will entail a slightly higher co-pay and deductible. In the past, only those beneficiaries who were eligible for Base Realignment and Closure benefits and the Pharmacy Redesign Pilot Program were able to enjoy modest out-of pocket costs through the NMOP and retail pharmacy network. The BRAC pharmacy benefit and the PRPP are replaced by the new program.

By law, to use the TRICARE retail and mail order benefit, beneficiaries age 65 and over must be eligible for Medicare Part A and enrolled in Part B. There is an exception: Those who turn 65 before April 1, 2001, are eligible for the benefit, even if they are not enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Effective Oct. 1, 2001, Medicare-eligible military beneficiaries become eligible for all other TRICARE benefits. The law requires that all Medicare-eligible beneficiaries, regardless of age, must be enrolled in Medicare Part B to receive the other TRICARE benefits; and they are advised to enroll in Part B as soon as they are eligible.

The annual open season for enrollment in Medicare Part B is Jan. 1 through March 31. Information about Medicare enrollment is available at local Social Security Administration offices, or on the Medicare Web site.

Retired beneficiaries living overseas can use their TRICARE benefit at overseas pharmacies, but they will need to submit their pharmacy claims for reimbursement. They also will be able to utilize the NMOP, if certain requirements are met. Federal and state legal restrictions apply to the prescribing, dispensing and mailing of prescription drugs, so the NMOP can only mail to APOs and FPOs, which are part of the U.S. Postal Service. Also, the NMOP can only fill prescriptions written by providers licensed to practice in the United States.

The NMOP offers the largest discount to DOD beneficiaries. It is convenient for filling prescriptions for chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. The retail network pharmacy program can be used for short-term, immediate use medications.

Beneficiaries who use non-network pharmacies will have to meet an annual deductible, incur a higher co-pay, and pay the entire bill up front, and then file a claim for appropriate reimbursement. Lists of TRICARE network pharmacies will be available from regional TRICARE contractors.

One of the most important steps eligible beneficiaries can take to be sure they can use the expanded pharmacy benefit is to update their Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System record with their correct address and any changes in family status, such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption. To update DEERS information, contact the nearest military ID card facility or military treatment facility, or call the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office at 800-538-9552

TRICARE has new Toll-Free numbers

The TRICARE email news list reports that TRICARE has new toll-free telephone
numbers. The telephone numbers below are staffed by experts who can help
beneficiaries find out about TRICARE, TRICARE for Life, the TRICARE Senior
Pharmacy Program and TRICARE Prime Remote for active duty and their family
members. The telephone numbers are:

TRICARE General Info and Senior Pharmacy Program 1-877-DoD-MEDS

TRICARE For Life program 1-888-DoD-LIFE (1-888-363-5433)

TRICARE Prime Remote for active duty and their family members program
1-888-DoD-CARE (1-888-363-2273)

Hearing or speech-impaired beneficiaries may call TTY/TDD 1-877-535-6778
The hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 0800-2300, Saturday
0900-2000 and Sunday 1000-1730 (closed on holidays).

Click for VFW SiteThe VFW's Military Assistance Program provides family support services for military members and their families. The VFW Family Assistance Centers expands the network of support services and emergency aid for family members of deployed service personnel by working in concert with local military Family Service Centers (FSC).

"The war and the extensive deployment of our troops has created a greater need for services to those left behind when a family member deploys," said Bud Haney, MAP director. "Sometimes the need is as simple as listening, while sometimes the need is financial. We want family members, as well as their deployed spouse, to know that the VFW is there to help."

There are more than 60 VFW support centers nationwide and in Europe.  In Tennessee contact:
Thomas L. DeHoog,
 Knoxville Post 1733,
contact #
(865) 765-0621.

VFW Aids Active Duty Service Members

Click for Operation Uplink



Operation Uplink is a unique program that keeps military personnel and hospitalized veterans in touch with their families and loved ones by providing them with a free phone card. Using contributions from supporters like you,

Operation Uplink purchases phone cards and distributes them to servicemen and women who are separated from those they care about.

Know someone that would like to learn about Operation Uplink? Help spread the word by sending an e-mail message. Tell A Friend

 New Space Available Travel System

  A new system now takes the guesswork out of space-available travel. Stars and
Stripes reports that the new system, which speeds boarding times and keeps
travelers better informed of seat availability, is expected to be available in all Pacific Air Mobility Command passenger terminals before the end of the summer.

Active duty military personnel, their dependents, and military retirees may fly for free on flights that have available space after those on official military business or on emergency leave are serviced. However, the current system can often be frustrating as passengers do not know if they are booked on a space-available (space-A) flight until just prior to boarding. Under the new system, passengers will be able to check in and get their documents processed up to 24 hours before flight time. Then, 30 minutes before the space-A call, a computer printout will be posted of registered passengers in order of priority. Prior to boarding, the list will be used for a roll call, which takes around five minutes to perform.

The new procedure was first implemented earlier this year at Travis Air Force Base in California on a 90-day trial period and is currently being used at Yakota Air Base, Japan. The system is expected to eventually be in place at all military passenger terminals worldwide. 

Lot’s of info at:
John D's Space-A Travel FAQ (Not a Government site)


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Veterans Benefits Online Resource
Provided by
logoClick for Vet Benefits page

There is a new resource for veterans and retirees who are seeking information
about their benefits. has recently added a veterans benefits page providing information on VA loans, education and medical benefits, life insurance, and more. Information is also available for retirees.

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